Cuckoo clocks (coocoo clocks) from the Black Forest!

Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

Black Forest cuckoo clock selection

Black Forest cuckoo clock with 1-day-movement without music
 (a selection of 103 clocks), 

Black Forest coocoo clock with 1-day-movement with music  
(a selection of 107 models),

Black Forest cuckoo clocks with 8-day-movement without music  
(a selection of 94 clocks)

Black Forest coo-coo-clocks with 8-day-movement with music
(a selection of 109 models)

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Premium cuckoo clock

We offer an exquisite assortment (more then 400 models) of handcarved Black Forest cuckoo clocks (German cuckooclocks), from economy models, over classic models to premium models with a product warrenty of 5 years.   You can select between German cuckoo clocks with 1-day-movement (with or without music and dancers ), or clocks with 8-day-movement (with or without music and dancers). Furthermore, you can select between traditional cuckoo clocks, or cuckooclocks with houses or hunting scenes. Please select your favoured handcarved model on the left side.

We will ship all coo-coo-clocks worldwide without any additional charges (except shipping with DHL/UPS) for shipping & handling. However, custom import duties and taxes are not included, if such are applicable.
Warranty time for our German cuckoo clocks: 24 till 60 month after shipping.

Our various coocoo clock models are today still  completely handcrafted by woodcarvers just as they were 200 years ago. Each cuckoo clock is meticulously inspected and tested for proper function for several days before it is carefully packed and leaves the factory,  located in the beautiful and serene Black Forest. Each cuckoo clock (coocoo clock) comes with operating instructions. 

Why shop with us? 

  • We manufacture and sale original Cuckoo Clocks directly from the Black Forest, all handcarved.

  • We offer up to 5 years product warranty for our Cuckoo Clocks

  • All our Cuckooclocks are certified by the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) or have a seal showing genuine Black Forest authenticity

  • We ship all cuckoo clocks worldwide without any additional charges (except shipping with DHL/UPS) for shipping & handling

If you have any questions or suggestions, donít hesitate to mail us:  

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